19 Sep 2018

ACAM-312 N1

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Silk cord strap – artistic gradation

Black x Red,Black x Silver,Navy x Silver


A type of plaiting called “Ayatake”, which has been used mainly as a device to put a bit into the mouth of a horse since the 12th century, is employed. One of the characteristics of Ayatake-plaiting is that various patterns can be realized depending on the combination of the threads used.For this product, a color craftsman realized a delicate color gradation from black to red, which attracts the user of the product.By employing a flat weaving method, burden to your neck is lessened. Furthermore, because of the fine weaving, the strap texture is friendly to your skin, and you will be satisfied with the use of the strap.




Body Size
L965 x W14mm


Silk, Leather (Italian)


Country of Origin
Made in Japan

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