10 May 2017

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Vertical Sling Bag


This simple but elegant sling type camera bag is designed to adapt to your carrying needs. The bag can accommodate two mirrorless or SLR cameras with lens attached and other accessories as well as personal items.

When the sling is rotated from the back to front, your gear is quickly and effortlessly accessible at anytime thanks to the zippered fast-access side opening compartment.

What’s more, you can also adjust the position of the inner partition depending on the position of the bag. The special flaps on top of the inner partition will serve to securely protect your gear at all times. The use of hollow nylon threads serve to make the bag even lighter.

The sling bag has an extra wide shoulder strap that is comfortable and durable, making this bag the best travel companion. Personal items are easy to be organized because of the zippered front pockets. The bag is designed with an integrated tripod carrying feature.

Body Size
W180 x H330 x D125mm
Inner Size
W169 x H147 x D99mm
Nylon, Leather (Italian)
Country of Origin
Made in Japan
- 2 Leica or mirrorless camera body
- 2 lenses
- tripod

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